Day 11: 21 Day Challenge to a Happier and Healthier YOU!

April 27, 2023
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Welcome to Day 11 on your journey to a happier and healthier you! Today, Indigo Yoga challenges you to find your inner child!

Skip around, sing at the top of your lungs, be curious, explore! Find wonder in the world. Don’t be so serious, be light at heart. Need some help with this? Ask a child what they want to do today and do that.


Children are brilliant, curious, creative, imaginative, and innocent creatures... as we grow up we become serious, molded into a "type" of person. Experiences and lessons in our life form layers or shells over our true personalities that "protect us" and as we build strength and grow from experiences, we sometimes lose our playful, carefree energy, our ability to trust and let loose, and our ability to enjoy simple pleasures. Take a moment to read these very valuable lessons we can learn from children.

"Two of my yoga guru's, Claire Diab, Director of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Teacher Training at the Chopra Center and founder of American Yoga Academy and Jennifer Cavalieri, owner of Tula Yoga taught me an amazing lesson while I was getting my yoga teacher certification. They taught me about the simple mantra "so hum namah." This Sanskirt phrase literally translates as "I am myself." It seems simple enough, but the message they taught me really resonated with me. We are born into this world as innocent, happy, creative, curious beings. This is our TRUE SELF. This is who we are before we are effected by the outside world... before we are hurt, stressed, hungry, uncomfortable, tired. This mantra "so hum namah" reminds us to return to your true self. Let go of all of the stress and pressure of the outside world, and go back to that inner child." - Stephanie

Find Your Inner Child

Don't forget - keep track of your eating habits, sleeping patterns, hydration, and activity level today. Eat lots of vegetables, get rid of added sugar, limit gluten and dairy intake and drink plenty of water! Keep a journal and take 5-10 minutes this morning to set an intention and meditate to kick start your day. Wind down with 5-10 minutes at the end of your day by reflecting on the day and record your feelings and results. Send your journal notes or any questions to us at for additional support and guidance. Need some ideas for boosting your activity? Here's today's yoga class schedule: 9:00am Awakening Yoga and 10:30am Chakra Yoga

Namaste :)

-       The Indigo Yoga team

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