Day 13: 21 Day Challenge to a Happier and Healthier YOU!

April 27, 2023
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Day 13 Challenge of the day... this may be one of the hardest challenges yet. Today Indigo Yoga challenges you to apologize. Did you offend someone recently? Do you know that someone is upset with you but you don’t agree with their point of view? Try to put yourself in their shoes and understand where they are coming from and apologize. Keep in mind it is sometimes better to be kind than right.

Apologizing does not always mean that you are wrong and that the other person is right… sometimes it means that you value their relationship more than your ego. That is not to say that an apology makes everything right again… but understand that the other person has reason to be upset, and if you feel sorry even just for upsetting that person, try and make it right.


Don't forget - keep track of your eating habits, sleeping patterns, hydration, and activity level today. Eat lots of vegetables, get rid of added sugar, limit gluten and dairy intake and drink plenty of water! Keep a journal and take 5-10 minutes this morning to set an intention and meditate to kick start your day. Wind down with 5-10 minutes at the end of your day by reflecting on the day and record your feelings and results. Send your journal notes or any questions to us at for additional support and guidance. Need some ideas for boosting your activity? Here's today's yoga class schedule: 9:15am Wall Yoga, 12:00pm Chakra Yoga, 5:30pm Wall Yoga and 6:45pm Chakra Yoga

Namaste :)

-       The Indigo Yoga team

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